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There has never been a better time to use Tiffany's plating techniques on the stained glass projects you build. With average skills, you'll find glass layering a snap. And the results can simply amaze you. If you need help in getting started, here's plenty of it.






















Plating How-to books include these extremely popular volumes:


�  The Book on Glass Plating (over 4,000     sold internationally)

�  Introduction to  Glass Plating

�  The Stained Glass Design Handbook

�  19 Stained Glass Florals

�  12 Plated Miniatures


Each is written so you can quickly start building windows that embody the same kind of remarkable and striking effects seen in L.C. Tiffany's treasured windows.


With only intermediate to advanced skills, you can immediately begin to build fabulous stained glass projects with the help of the information in these books.



Our gallery page attracts more atten-tion than any other page on our website! Here are photos of plated windows, most of them done by first-time platers. The results are simply breathtaking.


Each individual represented on this page decided to advance the level of her or his glasswork, and simply did it. They used our pattern packages, patterns from our various patterns books, or created their own designs.





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 By Jana Ralston
By Darlene Brockman
          By JoLynn Bennett



Select a pattern from the 22 beautiful compositions shown above. Plus, we have three unique pattern books. Projects range from two to five layers of glass deep. Each panel gives you the ability to establish shadows, incredible depth, texture and colorations that are not available with one piece of ordinary glass. Select the patterns you want by going to the Patterns for Plating page.

Every package includes step-by-step instructions, glass recommendation, and a color photo of the finished window. See the Gallery Page for example of the results obtained by first-time glass crafters.
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Work in layers only if there�s a purpose behind the extra effort. I have seen many examples of plating where the additional layers of glass didn�t do a single thing to enhance the window. Makes me wonder why the artist went to the trouble if there is no discernable advantage. Here are a few of the gains to be achieved in plating:

Alter the color of glass. If you want to adjust the color of a certain portion of your project, adding a layer will accomplish that. Plating will also make your window opaque, so you won�t see the dumpster across the street through the panel.
Create shadows. A second layer will most certainly give you shadows, and add contour to the various objects in your design.
Make the composition deep. Plating will move more distant components deeper into the background. That depth will definitely give your work much more drama. For example, trees will appear further into the forest.
Add texture. When the glass you love has no texture, adding a layer will fix that. Typical cases are water and skies. You may have exactly the right green or blue glass, but no surface movement as bodies of water and skies always have. Adding a second layer of clear textured glass will do it beautifully. Or white wispy for your sky to get the look of high clouds.

That�s just the beginning. You can make every one of your glass projects more visually striking with a little well-planned plating.
            By Barry Z. Masser, Plated Glass Designs�

What is plating?  It's a stained glass technique that was perfected by L.C. Tiffany over 100 years ago, and was used in his now priceless nature windows. Plating is simply the process of layering glass, one piece over another, to create shadows, contour and add tremendous depth to compositions.

If you have just average stained glass skills, you can start using this ancient time-tested approach to produce spectacular glass projects. No special tools are needed, and the how-to steps are clearly provided in our books.

For those who are committed to building the most beautiful projects possible, plating will take you to that place, starting with your very
first window.

Check out our Gallery Page to see  pictures of work done by our customers - many of them first -time platers.

Technical support is available from us at no charge if you need assistance in the design or construction of your plated window.

Advance the visual impact of your glasswork  faster than you ever thought possible.

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